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Parker Orthodontics Reviews

Dr. Jeffrey Collins and the Parker Orthodontic Team are committed to providing you and your family with an exceptional orthodontic experience. We truly care about our patients, and strive to make each visit a relaxing and positive experience.

Dr. Collins specializes in orthodontics and offers a wide variety of choices for children, teens and adults which are tailored to your needs. These include In-Ovation® and Damon®System self-ligating brackets, INVISALIGN® clear aligners, Lingual Braces and Phase One


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Facebook Verified
"Always friendly staff, little to no waiting time, super responsive to issues, and they do a great job straightening teeth!"

Review Verified on 1/10/2017
"Dr. Collins and staff have treated our 8th grade son Heigen with Invisalign the last two years and he's in the final stage with retainers. His teeth and smile are fantastic! His 6th grade brother Noah just began his Invisalign treatment. Dr. Collins and his entire staff are always kind, informative, and ready to assist with any request. The office feels like home... not to mention a variety of K-cup coffee is always available for parents in the waiting room !"

Review Verified on 11/28/2019
"We love everyone in the Parker and Elizabeth office. The customer service is first class and everyone makes you feel like family. Dr. Collins always took the time to get to know both my daughters."

Review Verified on 10/24/2019
"From the moment we walked through the doors we immediately felt valued and important to everyone in the office! I personally knew only great things of Dr. Collins from when he put braces on my sister who is 10 years older than me 30 plus years ago! Even only being 10 years old then I clearly remember how amazing he was and the very special thing he did for her wedding! He took off her top braces for all her wedding pictures and put them back on when she got back from her honeymoon! They are still married all these years later and their grown children also got braces from Dr. Collins! Fast forward to my turn, now here I am with my growing children who need orthodontic work and there was never a doubt that we too would come to Dr. Collins! His kindness and big heart stuck with me from all those years ago and I am so honored to get to bring my kids to him! All of the staff from the front desk to office managers to every technician, clear up to Dr. Collins himself are amazing! The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming and there is always something fun for the kids to look forward to! Whether it be a contest they are running or just fun themed decorations covering the walls! Their check-in system is so easy and the cleaning station is stocked full with toothbrushes and mouthwash that is readily available for all the kiddos to brush that last minute snack of Oreos or Cheetos out of their teeth before being seen! The technology the office has is cutting edge! Say goodbye to the old impressions that we all remember! It’s actually a little bit of a shame that kids today will never really know just how horrible they were!! Now, with a swoosh of a wand you can instantly see a total 3D image of your child’s mouth and even the progression of what they will look like at the end!! We have a 13 and an 8 year old daughters and an 11 year old son! Our son got daddy’s perfect smile and unfortunately our girls got mine! Our youngest just got her Invisalign yesterday and is beyond thrilled!! And our 13 year old will get hers in just a handful of weeks! We really weighed the pros and cons between traditional metal braces and the cutting edge Invisalign and with both being the same price for starters, we really had no reason why not to try it! I myself never had the opportunity to get my smile corrected and that’s ok. I give my parents a hard time every chance I get! ;) Honestly, it crosses my mind maybe taking the time for me someday after our kiddos are done, the ages of their patients span from young to old! I know I would be welcomed in their chair just as my kids were! We are so excited to be on this journey with Dr. Collins and his entire staff! We would not want to do this with any other office! The love is strong and it just feels good walking through the door and that alone is priceless!! We highly recommend Dr. Collins and his staff to anyone considering orthodontics!! :)"

Review Verified on 10/15/2019
"Our son was excited to get his expanded on, every one was so friendly and warm. He has a smile on the whole time. He was never rushed when he was trying the new gear out and trying the rubber band out! Everyone is great"

Review Verified on 8/7/2019
"I have had both of my kids through braces and invisilign with Dr. Collins. My daughter Brooke got her braces off the day before high school starts for her as a 14 year old. This office full of wonderful folks did all they could to make her first day of school to be loaded with confidence, with a fantastic smile! Thanks for all you do, you have no idea how happy you have made Brooke! We wish we could remember the name of who helped us the last two visits. She is amazing and deserves some great recognition!"

Review Verified on 8/6/2019
"Our kids have the best smiles!"

Review Verified on 7/24/2019
"The whole process has been amazing. I believe Olivia was, who along with Dr Collins, put them on. Jill helped as well and is always always super helpful and friendly!"

Review Verified on 7/17/2019
"Everything about this place is fantastic. It’s built for kids. The staff is phenomenal. They always make my daughter feel at ease. They do great work."

Review Verified on 6/24/2019
"My granddaughter loves Dr. Collins. He has really encouraged her with her Invisalign. They have the coolest technology."

Review Verified on 6/21/2019
"Jadin’s teeth look awesome! Start to finish, Parker Ortho has been a breeze to work with and offers top notch service to all of their clients. Always fitting us in for broken wires, allowing re-schedules and sending plenty of appointment reminders. Staff of knowledgeable, friendly and swift. Back again today for sibling’s initial evaluation. No other place we’d go."

Review Verified on 6/19/2019
"Gavin got his braces off today! Wow! His teeth look so incredible! I cannot get over the difference. He is so happy and confident!"

Review Verified on 6/12/2019
"Everyone is always so nice and knowledgeable. I trust Dr. Collins’ treatment plan."

Review Verified on 5/9/2019
Facebook Verified
"Tay's top bar retainer broke. Though we held off to fix (probably starting phase 2 soon) they got us in. They always work around my very tight schedule. Very accommodating and wonderful caring friendly people."

Review Verified on 5/1/2019
"I love this practice and the staff! Everyone is friendly and helpful! I am so impressed so far with my Invisalign results."

Review Verified on 4/17/2019
"Really don’t know what to say other than nicely done!"

Review Verified on 4/12/2019
Facebook Verified
"Dr Collins and team are amazing! Dr Collins was my childhood orthodontist and my husband and I visited him for an Invisalign consult for my husband and a minor teeth shifting correction for me. As always, Dr Collins was kind, honest, professional and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with him again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Review Verified on 3/28/2019
"Parker orthodontics is a great place they make you feel welcome and you feel like your part of the family"

Review Verified on 3/21/2019
"You were all very nice and friendly!"

Review Verified on 3/4/2019
"Dani was very gental while taking my braces off! My teeth look amazing! Thank you Dr. Collins and team!!!"

Review Verified on 2/28/2019
Facebook Verified
"I can't say enough how amazing the staff is at Parker Orthodontics. I always feel like family! The attention to detail, the way they set my mind at ease, and their compassion all give me confidence that I am in good hands. I am the 5th person from my family to have orthodontic work done by Dr. Collins, and we have never had one moment of trouble; we are 100% satisfied and proud to be patients here!"

Review Verified on 2/28/2019
"I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Collins and his amazing staff. My kids are so happy there. Such a warm, friendly environment. One of my kids has braces and the other has Invisalign. My kids starting loving their smiles in no time. I was shocked at how fast their teeth began to straighten! We are so happy with Parker Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 1/18/2019
"Excellent and friendly staff were so encouraging to my son and put him at ease."

Review Verified on 12/22/2018
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"Great staff! Caring and compassionate. We had a few “braces emergencies” and they were able to get us in a fixed up with very little waiting time. Braces came off today with no problems and Debbie did a fantastic job working with my son!"

Review Verified on 12/20/2018
"Our son is still in the "watching" phase and Dr. Collins was able to locate a tooth that was in some trouble and if teeth were not pulled we would have a larger issue. Our son will receive his braces from Dr. Collins when it is time. We appreciate his honesty and he never forces early treatment when it is not necessary. Thank you for your honesty and knowledge."

Review Verified on 12/17/2018
Facebook Verified
"Every time we stepped foot in the office or called on the phone we were met by super polite and friendly staff. Good customer service in today’s world goes a long way!! We totally trusted our daughter’s teeth alignment with Dr. Collins and his team. Her braces came off today and and her smile is gorgeous! Thank you all!"

Review Verified on 12/1/2018
"The staff were excellent, very kind and always explained to my son what they were doing. There always seemed to be a good vibe in the office, the staff seem to really enjoy their jobs. They are always doing fun events and keep things entertaining. And of course, my son just got his braces off and his teeth look absolutely amazing!"

Review Verified on 11/15/2018
"You guys are always great. I come in and feel confident about the future of my teeth, which helps me to take better care of them. Thank you all for your work"

Review Verified on 11/14/2018
"So happy with my new straight teeth thank yourself much"

Review Verified on 11/13/2018
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"Also great service. Everyone is friendly and 90% of the time we are seen quickly."

Review Verified on 11/8/2018
"It has been a wonderful experience for myself and my son Colby. Everyone was always very welcoming when we came in for appointments. EVen at the very beginning, I appreciated how detailed and informative you all were with the process and what the steps would be with my son and his teeth. I enjoyed the calls and email reminders of appointments. The office is very welcoming and a great environment. I will refer you all to anyone I come across."

Review Verified on 10/25/2018
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"Always so kind. They whole staff is amazing. They are great about explaining everything. So gentile and nice. My Kids love going here."

Review Verified on 10/20/2018
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"Always super friendly and welcoming. All questions were answered and fully explained. We were made to feel very welcome."

Review Verified on 10/20/2018
Facebook Verified
"Dr Collins and his entire staff are top notch. My daughter had them first and now me. Everyone always makes you feel like family and Dr. Collins is the best in the field!!"

Review Verified on 9/6/2018
"Dr Collins has served the Riedel family since my husband was a boy. He is an amazing doctor and his staff is wonderful! My son, Brody, just got his braces off today and he looks awesome."

Review Verified on 9/4/2018
"Everything went very well. Everything was easy and painless."

Review Verified on 8/8/2018
"You always looked forward to orthodontist appointments. Thank you so much to Dr. Collins and everyone else at Parker Orthodontics"

Review Verified on 7/25/2018
"Parker Orthodontics has been great! My daughter had overcrowded teeth and teeth coming in behind others. Dr.Collins and his staff were always friendly and helpful and got her started on a plan right away. After a little over a year her braces are off and she has a beautiful smile full of straight teeth that she loves showing off! We were so happy with Parker Orthodontics that my son and husband are now getting their smile fixed here! We highly recommend them!"

Review Verified on 7/23/2018
Facebook Verified
"Dr. Collins and his staff are always so welcoming every time we call or step into the office. They are always so good with my daughter too. Love everyone there! ❤️"

Review Verified on 7/4/2018
"Dr. Collins and his entire staff have been so wonderful through this whole process. The results have been amazing, and I would highly recommend them."

Review Verified on 6/26/2018
"We love Dr. Collins! All our four kids have seen him...over 23yrs. and counting! Love the results! We are even driving down from Frisco in the mountains so our youngest could follow in her sibling's footsteps. Her braces came off today! Her teeth look amazing!"

Review Verified on 6/14/2018
"The absolutely BEST service, friendliest staff, and height of professionalism in any medical/dentist practice I have ever experienced! I rarely write reviews, but Dr. Collins deserves the highest of praise. I would give more stars if I could! 4 kids in braces and I actually look forward to their visits at the clinic. Its that good!"

Review Verified on 5/23/2018
Reviews 1 - 42 of 2493

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